Alp Navruz ,The Brand Ambassador Of HATEMOĞLU 2018

Hatemoğlu which celebrate 94.years in sector agrees with Alp Navruz.

Alp Navruz and Hatemoğlu Management attented the Press Conference at the Mövenpick Istanbul Hotel Skyline Club Lounge.

Alp Navruz said that; I have tried classical clothing style first time. I am proud to be a brand ambassador of Hatemoğlu.This brand is a well-established and internationally recognized.

In daily living,I am always known for my sport style , but I have had the chance to show myself and represent a brand for the first time.Hatemoğlu’s classic clothing collections are very well konwn and preferred. But,there is a very large collection.I will reveal brand’s more dynamic and younger director.I am also happy to be able to act with a very sincere and proffesional team.I believe that this partnership will take for many years.

Sinan Karabacak,we also benefit from Alp’s styling experience.First,Alp made a choice for Valentines Day.Also, we will perform more than project together.